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Reach your business goals much faster, grow personally + professionally, build authentic business connections, and create a financially fit business.  

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A virtual Collaborative Group Program that will bring Clarity. Elevation, & Oneness to your business!


Are you ready to join a holistic mindset, empowered, action-taking, supportive, group that is committed to uplift your business and CEO self to the next level of success?

I HOPE you are screaming… YAAASSS! 


This we know for sure

While being your own boss is amazing...

It doesn’t take long for a CEO to realize:

It’s hard to stay motivated when you're working alone!

Imagine what it would be like to:

Have a group of Powerhouse friends who you meet with on a regular basis to move your business and YOU forward!


As our journey of a CEO began to move forward, so did our confidence and trust in our collaborative partnership to create a unique experience.

We were able to:

  • Support each other's business goals to reach them much faster and make an impact.

  • Create a partnership focused on balance.

  • Build trust and communication based on authentic connection.

  • Service from both from the “know hows to to the feel hows”.

  • To create a community of CEOs serving from a clear MIND, a pure SOUL and a fierce heart! 


Wondering what our Collaborative Group is exactly?

Our collaborative is an intimate group of creative CEO’s with the common purpose of growth mindset, accountability, support, and a space to share your business journey.


The stress of being “perfect” or having all the answers is greatly reduced.


The power of combined knowledge, motivation, support, and accountability goes a long way! The clarity, elevation, and oneness that you receive from the group is UNEXPLAINABLE. The Beautiful of it all is the long-term Business Friendship that comes out of it~ your Tribe of CEO’s.

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Meet Your Coaches

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Starting on Tuesday, February 19th

An intimate 4 month virtual collaborative


  • Exclusive Access to business trainings, guest experts, professional advice, and worksheets

  • Bi-weekly group meetings, Q&A time, and accountability.

  • Private FB group to connect, share, ask questions, get feedback and more.

  • Goal setting, business mindset mentoring and strategy sessions.


An exclusive CEO in-person Brunch

yay!! in person magic ✨


A Photo Session

it’s your moment to SHINE 😍




Here’s what you will learn


• Become more productive in your life and business through better time, priority management and delegation.

• Balance-With creating a business come real life and balancing the needs of the business vs your needs. Nurturing your soul creates productivity and quality work.

• Take your vision, translate and break it down into annual and then quarterly goals to move forwards with, tracking those goals AND finally setting and tracking monthly actions.

• The power of authentic business connections to help you stay accountable but most importantly stay true to your vision. What is the intention of your business?


• Take a long, hard look at your skill-set, where you could use the strengths more effectively and where some help (or change) is needed.

• Who are you? Where are you in life? Are you ready to evolve in order to align with your business goals.

• Get a clear idea of your business strengths and shortcomings – from as many angles as possible.

• Intention, who are you servicing, how are you connecting with your clients. One size does not fit all.


• Find more work-life balance and energy – so that YOU are happier , more effective and successful.

• Energy is key! Get in the flow how do you stay consistent in your authenticity from each aspect of your life. From being a mom, business woman and giving back to yourself.

• Set powerful business goals that align with your business mission and vision.


• Set a realistic strategic action plan to take action towards your goals

• Learn effective money management techniques for a better accounting system.


Can you imagine?

YES, everything is possible for YOU!!


When we invest in ourselves everything in our life + business start falling into place.

YOU deserve to reach clarity, be elevated, and become one with Yourself + Business.

Remember you are not alone, your Bold CEO Collaborative awaits YOU!


We are EXCITED to see you join! 


Let’s talk about the investment

Your investment includes:

  • 4 months of Live Bi-weekly meetings

  • Training and worksheets

  • Expert Guest training

  • Accountability Partnership

  • In-Person Exclusive brunch

  • Social Media Exposure

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Two - 1:1 mentor sessions with Eve

  • One - 1:1 mentor session with Cindy

  • Life-long CEO Tribe - Priceless

  • Bonus: Photo Session (after brunch) -valued at over $699

  • Bonus: 50% off all future events, retreats, photo sessions, and workshops (in 2019)

Total Value: Over $3500

Your total investment is $1100

but there’s a special price for this group only!

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~Are you ready to gain Clarity, be elevated, and become one~

To apply simply follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the application below

  2. Set up your 60 minute interview call with US

  3. Sign & Pay



+ Who is this collaborative for?

Are you ready to be part of an intimate group where hustle meets soul. This group will create the space for you to align with yourself and your business goals.

+ Am I a CEO?

Yes you are! If you find yourself managing an organization; home, blog, business, real estate, social media, than you are most certainly a CEO.

+ How do I join?

Show us who you are (aka. file out your application), then we’ll set-up a 60 minute zoom call so we can get to know each other better and determine if the collaborative is a perfect fit for you.

+ Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! As a founding member you can join for as easy as 3 monthly payments of $185. If you wish to pay in full, it is an investment of $555.

+ When does the collaborative begin?

The first day of the collaborative is Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

+ When are the calls and do you offer replays?

Calls will be held bi-weekly on Tuesday's at 7pm. Replay will be available for those who are unable to attend the call.

+ Am I in?

You will be notified by February 4, 2019.


Have another question? Contact us at eve@evecoconsulting.com



Fill out this application to get started on joining The Bold CEO Collaborative

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The value you get from participating in the collaborative group depends on your commitment to do the work between meetings and to show up fully. For maximum benefit, please expect to spend 1-3 hours in between meetings (3-6 hours/month) on assignments and meeting preparation and reflection.
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