You have the skill, but need the help growing your Career.

Our Career Strategy services provides one-on-one consulting in a safe and supportive environment.

Whether you are interested in exploring who you are as a professional, the types of jobs that are best suited for your personality and needs, or motivated to promote and develop within your current field, we have the experience and are ready to assist!

We can help our clients take control of their career vision through a series of Career Spark Steps, a 7 step process model of career development. The ultimate goal is the realization of the clients career vision based on THEM!

Clients will complete this process by virtually meeting once a week for 7 sessions. Each session is an 1.5 hour long.


  • Move up, move out, or increase your options in all areas of your work life,

  • Clarify your career path options via more education or better communication and negotiation skills

  • Re-work your resume to accurately illustrate the contribution you can make no matter what or where

  • Prepare for interviews so that you show your best and most effective self

  • Develop your inner resources

  • Learn about decision making, career planning and coping skills.


Who is this for?

The Career-Driven Soul

You’re a professional who would like to make a move to a more fulfilling position;

You’re ready to progress to the next level of your career; or change careers.

Recent and soon-to-be graduates who have not secured a full-time position.

Between jobs professionals, stay-at-home parents, and others looking to transition back into the workplace

What is the process like?


Fill out a questionnaire so I can understand the history of your ideal/current career and the area that needs improvement

  • schedule call

We hop on a 60 minutes call  to review what we discovered and create the right strategy for you

  • Make it Happen

Finally, we schedule future meetings and hit the ground running

  • Action Plan

Finally, we create an action plan so that you can get to your next career move.

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