Hello! I’m Eve.

Sought out as a trusted life and business advisor for my expertise in small business development, human resources planning, effective strategic management, leadership development, talent development strategist, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit start-ups.

My goal is to help you discover your passion through awareness, education, and training which then can be turned into a successful business + personal achievements.

Anything done with passion has the greatest rate of success.


My Story

Welcome! I’m Eve Carmona, a wife, a mother, a sister, a mompreneur + a philanthropist.

I have been surrounded by business owners for most of my life and have been helping my parents run their small business since I was 12 years old.

First and foremost, Family is everything.

I have a beautiful family that continues to challenge and propel me to be a better person. They are the reason I started this business, and sometimes I don't give them enough credit for that.

I was raised by two strong and powerful parents, who immigrated to American with goals and dreams. I have two remarkable sisters, who have been my cheerleaders throughout this journey. I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 15+ years and we have one rambunctious little boy.

I come from a family of small business owners.

My grandfather owned a Taxi business in Mexico, and my parents own a construction company in the South Bay. I worked at my family’s construction business from the age of 12 and it was something that I really enjoyed.

I knew early on I wanted to get into business.

At the age of 15 I launched my first online business, selling slightly used clothes and shoes on eBay, by the age of 20 I had generated enough income to help me pay for college.

Applying for business school was a no brainer.

Once in the business program,  Accounting was a natural progression for me. I always enjoyed the aspect of financial and managerial accounting, and the legal environment of a business.

Degree is nothing without experience.

Even though I was successful in my online business, my parents encouraged me to seek “stable” employment so that I could gain experience, but most importantly, learn that “life of a business owner was unpredictable”.

Instead of listening to my heart, I followed security.

By the age of 22, i was working for a small business doctors office, while still helping my parents run their business. There I learned accounting and management skills that later would help me gain employment in the public sector.

From accounting to Human Resources.

At the age of 27, I had entered a different business structure, the public sector but this time in human resources. During my tenure in the government sector, I understood the the development and importance of the human resources department and gain valuable knowledge about talent acquisition, policies and procedures that would benefit small business owners and those seeking employment.

My desire to help Career Professionals developed.  


During my time in Human resources, I experience the lack of preparedness job seekers were in resume development, interview preparation, professional attire selection, interaction with top management, but most importantly, passion. I took the initiative to enroll in personal and professional development teaching courses so that I could help prepare applicant for their next career.   

And that’s when everything changed.

My intention, during the development training courses, was to prepare myself to teach the community about the proper etiquettes of seeking employment, but God had other plans for me. I learned much more than just the development of people, I had discovered how unhappy and unsatisfied I was with my life, and rediscovered my passion for business, but this time I had a plan.  

Becoming the Woman in Business

In July 2015, I launched my business + career consulting firm, while still working my government job. Within 3 months, I had two small businesses and one nonprofit client. By the beginning of 2018, thanks to an amazing financial advisor, I had my personal finances in order and ready to accept more clients, but I was hesitant to leaving my “stable” job, even though I abhorred going to work.

Europe changed my life

In August 2018, after a month long trip to Europe, I made the decision to leave my government job, and focus completely in my business. The trip helped me uncover my entrepreneurial spirit that I had tucked away.

And that how Eve + Co. Consulting was born

I have seen and experienced firsthand, the many challenges that small businesses encounter, as well as individuals seeking employment opportunity. Which is why Eve Co. Consulting was born, to support  small businesses + womenpreneur + career professionals + philanthropist during the times of uncertainty and during times of success.

Professional Biography

Eve Carmona is sought out as a trusted advisor for her expertise in small business management, human resources planning, entrepreneurial advisory, and nonprofit strategic management.

She has an extensive background in planning and managing cross-functional business operations and human resources development. She is an analytical and conceptual thinker who effectively partners with small business owners, entrepreneurs, career professionals, and philanthropist to asses opportunities, strategic decisions, and successful action planning. She also enjoys consulting early-stage ventures and non-profit organizations. 

Eve founded Eve Co. Consulting in 2015. Prior to starting her own small business, she managed her parents small business and worked as a human resources analyst for the public and private sector. 

She holds a BS degree from the California State University Dominguez Hills, serves as the President for Parent Teacher Association, and is an executive member of the National Latina Business Women Association-Los Angeles and Society for Human Resources Management.


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