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YOU’RE A Heart-of-Gold Philanthropist ready to deliver and communicate your vision

The majority of non-profit organizations have noble intentions, lofty goals, and great people, but fall down on execution. They struggle with fundraising, spend too much on administration, and fall woefully short on results. Although many non-profits certainly have issues in common with small businesses, and benefit from similar business services, we have found a few areas that are particularly difficult for non-profits: planning, fundraising, and management.

We love to collaborate and innovate with Philanthropist who change lives through their philanthropic vision and action. Which is why we prepare our clients with all the necessary resource to flourish.


Ready to go from feeling confused,

to empowered with a clear vision?


You have the vision, but need the help executing THE MISSION.

We make fulling your mission less stressful!

As a nonprofit you do important work and we're here to help you. We know the stress that comes along with managing and growing a nonprofit. Whether you're an executive director, development director, staff member or board member...we're here to serve you.

We develop creative solutions as unique as our clients and as distinct as their needs.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our Accounting & Bookkeeping Services feature various packages and a la carte services to best suit your nonprofit capacity and budget. Specifically, our services include: Monthly Financial Statements, Chart of accounts setup/review, Year-end 1099-MISC preparation, Monthly Bank Reconciliation, Month-end Close-out Services, Form 990 Tax Preparation, State & IRS Tax Filing, and State Annual Reporting. Services are packaged based on organizational annual income and payment frequency.

Strategic Planning

Your strategic plan is your organization's road map. We will facilitate your strategic planning sessions, conduct SWOT analysis and other research and produce your short or long term strategic plan.

Fundraising Strategies

We will help you develop winning strategies for cultivating, soliciting and retaining donors. We develop strategies for every stage of the fundraising cycle.

Development Plan

Your fundraising plan outlines your needs, goals and strategies. It's your blueprint for fundraising success. We will work with you to craft your short or long term development plan and stick with you to help with implementation.


We'll write effective and compelling solicitation letters, donor acknowledgment letters, email content, and more. Let us help you articulate a clear and consistent message about your organization.

Governance & Board Development

We will help you build and maintain a strong, mission focused and professional governing board for your nonprofit. We provide training, one time or ongoing governance consulting, board retreat facilitation and crisis intervention.

Board Policy Manual

We will work with you to develop board policies, codify policies and publish and maintain your board policy manual. We can also work with your Executive Director to aid in the implementation of board policies and the creation of management's policies and procedures and employee manuals.

Development Plan

Your fundraising plan outlines your needs, goals and strategies. It's your blueprint for fundraising success. We will work with you to craft your short or long term development plan and stick with you to help with implementation.

Program Development

We offer program development consulting and assessment services to help you develop your organization's program and services, conceptualize new programs and assess the efficiency and effectiveness of existing programs.

Organizational Efficiency

We analyze your organization's bylaws, board policies, policy and procedures, internal structure, culture, management and to provide an independent assessment as to whether you're operating at maximum efficiency.

Startup Services

Starting a new nonprofit or foundation? We can write your business plan, get you incorporated and registered with your state, prepare your bylaws and file Form 1023 Application for Tax Exemption and get you registered with your local charities division.


  • Develop a strong nonprofit from the start

  • Create a strong action plan based on short and long term goals

  • Understand the tax exemption process

  • Develop a fundraising plan that fits your organization's mission, vision, and values.

  • Understand and establish the best method of communication with donors, volunteers, sponsors

  • Build and maintain a strong and dedicated Board

  • Create innovative and effective programs that will carry out the organizations mission


Who is this for?

The Heart-of-Gold Philanthropist

You’re an aspiring Philanthropist who wants to start your own nonprofit

You’re a Philanthropist who wants to grow your nonprofit

You’re an Executive Director looking for MINDFUL ways to motivate your staff

What is the process like?

  • Book a free consultation call

A 60 minute consult call or in-person meeting to better understand the process

  • Choose a service

Find the best service option that will help you in your current situation


Fill out a questionnaire so I can understand the history of your nonprofit and the area that needs improvement


After, we create a detail action plan based on the are of service selected,  We will check in to hold you accountable and help were needed!


Finally, we evaluate your progress and leave you with a successful and prepared nonprofit

Non-Profit Startup Questions and Considerations:

Here are a few of the questions that we will ask before we begin the Non-Profit Start-up process with you.

  • Why do you want to start a new non-profit?

  • What are the characteristics of the population that you want to serve?

  • Is anyone already doing what you want to do in your area? If so, how are you different from them?

  • How have you determined that there is a need for want you want to do?

  • Do you have experience doing what you want to do or working with a non-profit?

  • Do you have people ready to support you in your endeavor?

Here are a few items to consider before beginning the non-profit startup process:

  • You do not own a Non-profit and therefore you cannot sell it in the future.

  • The Board of Directors has fiscal responsibility for a non-profit.

  • We do not recommend that the organization’s Director/Founder be a member of the Board.

  • The Director works for the Board of Directors and the Board is responsible for setting the Directors salary and reviewing their job performance.

  • You can earn a salary, but remember all funds have to be raised.

  • As a Non-profit Director, you will have to fundraise.

  • You should have some background or expertise in the area that you want your non-profit to serve.

  • Non-Profits are a business and require the ability to not only serve your clients well but the ability to develop, follow and maintain accounting procedures and file ongoing legal paperwork and reports to federal, state and local government agencies and funders.

  • It costs money to incorporate a business. The filing fees can be range from $275 to $1000.

If you are fine with the above points and want to do something bigger than yourself to make a difference in this world, contact us today a non-profit may be right for you!